Ethical Policy

Kate Tailyour is a company with an environmental and ethical conscience, the collection continues to be produced entirely in the UK, many garments in British cloths, maintaining a low carbon footprint whilst others incorporate fair-trade organic cloths supporting people in India and Nepal. We believe that transparency in how each garment is produced is important.

  • - You will find the story of each garment next to the item when you are shopping.

  • - Every item is labelled with it’s fibre content and country of production – all of our products are made in England.

  • - We buy cloths that are organic and produced under fair trade conditions from India

  • - Other cloths that we use are made in the UK, supporting local mills and manufacturing.

  • - All of our fairtrade and organic cloths are produced in mills in India that are either IFAT (International Federation for Alternative Trading) or FLO (Fairtrade labeling organisation) certified.

  • - We buy many of our cloths locally and produce the garments locally to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

  • - All garments are produced sweatshop free.

  • - We produce timeless quality clothes designed to love and last. We hope that our customers will cherish their clothes for a long time and when their wardrobes need an update that they pass on their clothes rather than adding them to already overflowing landfills.

Fairtrade and organic production is tied up in a lot of red tape and while we are striving towards perfection nothing we produce is 100% ethical due to these boundaries. Our Fairtrade and organic cloths meet the following standards:

  • - Gender equality.

  • - Responsible and sustainable production methods.

  • - Ensure all producers, suppliers and workers are paid a fair wage.

  • - Environmental practices are good and sustainable.

  • - No forced or involuntary labour.

  • - Freedom of association and collective bargaining.

  • - Adherence to UN Convention on the rights of the child.

  • - Clear and transparent working relationships and buying procedures.

  • - Environment for working is safe and regulated.